The Battle of the Fandoms

by , Wednesday September 25, 2013
The Battle of the Fandoms

One Fandom to rule them all, One Fandom to find them

One Fandom to bring them all and on Movellas bind them...


With the latest improvement to the website we are celebrating all things fandoms and, in true Movellas fashion, are doing this with the ultimate fan fiction competition!


Over the next 5 weeks, we are challenging all you thousands of fan fiction writers from across the world to dive in to the 16 most popular fandoms to find the best fan fiction story from each. The best three stories from each will then be voted on by the audience (i.e. Movellians) to find the numero uno fan fiction from the chosen fandom. These 16 heavyweights of the fan fiction world will then be pitted against each other in a Hunger Games style battle to the death (or actually an external judge will decide on the very best) and that story and fandom will be crowned winner of the inaugral Battle of the Fandoms. 



The 16 fandoms you can pick from for this contest are: 


One Direction
Justin Bieber

Harry Potter
The Hunger Games
The Vampire Diaries
The Lord of the Rings
Doctor Who
Percy Jackson

Comics and Superheroes





Please note, although you can submit multiple stories to the contest there is a maximum of three entries, and each has to be to a different fandom (i.e. you cannot enter with three Harry Potter stories, but could have one Harry Potter, one Percy Jackson and one Justin Bieber). If you do not abide by this, all of your entries will be disqualified.


This contest is open to all ages, all nationalities and all fandoms (well, the 16 listed above).  


The winning story from each fandom will have their story printed as a papella, and the overall winner will receive something extra awesome. 


Good luck to you and your fandom! 


As an extra - if the fandom you want to write about isn't listed above, then shout about it in the comments below. After a few days, the two fandoms with the most noise will be added to the list. 


UPDATE: After a 5 days of intense voting (over 500 comments!) we have found the two other fandoms that will join the above list: 


The Mortal Instruments

5 Seconds of Summer


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