National Poetry Day 24 Hour Competition

We're celebrating National Poetry Day with a 24 hour poetry competition!


It's National Poetry Day and we are VERY excited.


What better way to celebrate than a one day poetry competition?


This year the subject is water, inspired by Coleridge's mariner's famous cry: "Water, water, everywhere." You can find out more about National Poetry Day here.


The competition is simple: write a poem inspired by water. Subtlty, complexity, metaphors, imagery and rhymes... you know the score... just keep water as your inspiration or subject. 


Once you've written your poem as a new Movella, enter the competition by pressing the green button in the top right.


Get your brian in gear, your 24 hours (well, actually more like 40 hours... but that doesn't sound quite as impressive, does it?) starts.... NOW!


The competition will close at midnight on Friday the 4th October. The winning poem will be picked as a Featured Story for the whole of October. Good luck!   

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