Poetry for the Artists

by , Tuesday September 3, 2013
Poetry for the Artists
Sharpen your pencils; it's another competition for the artists! 

The writers have had their turn, now it's yours.

I'm sure you remember the Poetry Competition we held six months ago, the winners of which are due to be published with Macmillan, with a foreword from Gaby Morgan, editor of In My Sky At Twilight. And, as promised, we are now giving a lucky Movellian the chance to design the cover! 
The title of the e-book will be 'This Is What I Have To Say', and there are no limitations on what the cover could be. An idea could be to read through the poems featured (the list is here) and taking inspiration for your cover from them. 
What you need to do: 
- Get an idea for a cover
- Create this idea, whether using pens and pencils, photography or photoshop. 
- Upload your picture in a new Movella
- Press the big green button on the top right to enter!
The Prize? 
The prize will be to have your cover published for the eBook, along with the 25 winners of the Second Poetry Competition. 
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