What happens backstage?

by , Sunday August 25, 2013
What happens backstage?

Go backstage with your favourite artists...

What happens when the lights on the stage off? Write an entry and win an iTunes voucher!


Are you always hoping to get backstage? Desperate to be with your hero outside of the limelight... to see what they are really like... to live a fantasy with your idol.


What you need is to write a story that takes place backstage. It can be backstage in the most literal sense - for example, a story about One Direction that invites you or a friend to hang out with the band after a concert. Or maybe you are working behind the scenes of your favourite movie or are understudy to a famous actress at a new play? 


You can also use the concept backstage in a more figurative sense - the idea of celebrities behind closed doors and away from the glare of the media. It may be the true story of anyone from Miley Cyrus to Barack Obama, from David Beckham to Justin Bieber. It's only your imagination that sets the limits for this competition - the single requirement is that the story must be inspired by the theme "backstage".


All ages and all countries can enter this contest by clicking the green button in the top right.


And what do you win?

The top three stories will be rewarded with a £15/$20 iTunes voucher. Stories will be judged on entertainment and style, as always, but also the ability of the author to bring a quality of realism to their writing and ideas. 


We have some really exciting judges for this contest, all of whom will be announced in the next few weeks. 



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