A corporate story… A “VORTEX” inspired writing activity

What secrets, lies and stories lurk behind behind the public face of a corporation?


We live in a world where international corporations invade every part of our lives. You can’t walk on any street without seeing a Starbucks or McDonald’s, go online without coming across Facebook or Google, or even go running without wearing Nike or Adidas… why do we believe what these business giants say, and more importantly what aren't they telling us?


It is a writer’s job to reflect the current world, to question what other people might take for granted and to speculate on the truth. For example, what if we lived in a world where corporations ruled above the government? It's this terrifying prospect that inspired S. J. Kincaid to write the action-packed INSIGNIA and sequel VORTEX.


You can read an extract of Vortex here or get a taste of it with the scene below:


The officer swooped down and snatched the roll of bills. “We’ve all gotta feed our own.”

Neil gazed at the man with a burning rage in his eyes, and Tom knew this bomb would explode if he didn’t intervene now. He reached forward and grasped Neil’s rigid arm, then jerked his dad back toward the street with him. But Neil couldn’t resist a parting shot.

“You’re next, you know!”

The cop swung back up to his feet. “Are you threatening me?”

Oh no. Tom tightened his grip on Neil. “Dad . . .”

But Neil had that reckless light in his eyes, a crazed grin twisting his leathery face, and Tom knew this was a lost cause. “My boy and me, yeah, the corporate overlords already see us as surplus people breathing their air, living on their planet, but you know what? You’re a worthless cockroach to them, too, buddy. They used to need you to keep your boot on our necks while they emptied our pockets. . . .”

“Dad, let’s just go!”

But Neil forged on. “But I hope the next time you look up at a drone in your sky or a patrol unit on your street, you’ll realize you’re nothing to them, too, and if you don’t like it, they’ve got an automated boot to shove up your—”

The cop crossed the distance between them in two strides, and cracked the butt of his gun across Neil’s face, slamming him to the ground. Neil started laughing, raising himself up on his elbows, blood dripping from his nose in dark globs.

“Too close to the truth, Officer?”



So with this as inspiration, we want to challenge you to write a story steeped in corporate control, conspiracy and drama.


An office romance, the tale of making your first million, of losing a billion, of companies controlling culture, of corporations with more power than countries…  the only requirement is that your movella is themed around corporations and companies.


Five winners will receive MaKey MaKeys and a copy of VORTEX with signed bookplate. 


Good luck! 

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