Polly Courtney Challenges You!

by , Thursday July 4, 2013
Polly Courtney Challenges You!

Love Polly Courtney, Love Feral Youth? You Are Going To Love This......

But are you up for the challenge? 


Stretch those fingers, do some warm up exercises! This writing task aims to flex your ability to write in a certain style. To improve your writing, you must challenge yourself, so what better way to do that then by taking part in our awesome Feral Youth inspired competition?


If you're like us, you'll have been engrossed in Feral Youth for the past couple of weeks and compelled by the voice of its protaganist, Alesha! Check out the awesome trailer for the book here. And you can check out the first 24 chapters from the story here. Yes 24 chapters of the book have been uploaded to Movellas. Very generous!


Once you've done that, we challenge you to write the opening chapter of your own novel, using a powerful and phonetic-style first person voice. That's it? Yes. Simples!


But here's a few more details:

 - Entries must use a phonetic-style first person voice. If you don't know what that is, read the first chapter of Feral Youth.

 - Entries must be only one chapter long.

 - It can be any theme.


Oh, and the prizes?


Our awesome friends at

have taken care of that.  One winner will win a unique, signed copy of Feral Youth with their own chapter printed at the front. A-mazing!

 - Three runners up will receive a signed copy of Feral Youth each. Awesomeness!


But it doesn’t end there! If you enjoyed reading Feral Youth, you can leave an honest review on what you've read so far, here. Then, simply post your review link in our specially dedicated group here and you'll receive a free e-book of Feral Youth to read at your leisure.


Good luck and let the writing begin!



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