The Afterlife: A Writing Contest

The Great Beyond, Hereafter, Heaven, Hell, Eternity, The Elysian Fields… 

it goes by a thousand names, but is still the greatest mystery… still the question that everyone wants an answer to…


What happens to us when we die?


It is telling stories that can help us find solutions to these unanswerable questions. So what could be a better topic for a writing contest?


We had this in mind when we came across Death & Co, the heart-stopping new novel by DJ McCune


Adam just wants to be a normal teenager… but his family have other ideas. Instead of him going to school, playing video games and hanging out with his friends, they want him to join the family business. Oh, the family business? Escorting people into the afterlife.


We even have an awesome extract of the book for you to draw inspiration for your entry from.




 - Entries must involve some element of ‘the afterlife’.

 - Entries must be a maximum of 4,000 words.

 - Three winners will receive a collection of five books including Death & Co.

 - Five runners up will receive a copy of Death & Co.



And if that wasn’t enough, the best ‘illustrated’ entry will also win the awesome book collection. You can add a photograph, drawing or picture to your movella by clicking .


And if you are excited by illustration and images, keep your artistic eyes glued to Movellas for a BIG announcement in the next few weeks…     


Find out more about the series and DJ McCune here.

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