Continue to grow!

by , Monday April 8, 2013
Continue to grow!

The Movellas great branching story is growing ever larger. What plot are you following?



First there was chapter 1, then the Movellas community wrote lots of chapter 2s and we chose the best three... now it is time to follow the story into chapter 3 and start writing the next branch!     


Phew, got all that? There are now SEVEN different story lines all happening simulatenously... pretty exciting! Check out the unfolding story tree:               











The next stage... well, you know the deal by now... the next stage is to choose a branch and write the next chapter. So decide on the plot that captivates you, your favourite of the bottom 7 chapters, and start writing.


Enter your chapter into this contest and make it clear in your blurb what previous chapter you have picked. 

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