A week at Hogwarts

by , Thursday March 28, 2013
A week at Hogwarts

Last month we spent two weeks in Panem, now we are visiting Hogwarts... 


We have all dreamt about it... receiving an owl that invites us to the coolest and most exciting school ever thought up!


But slowly we resign ourselves to the fact that it isn't coming this year, that it probably isn't ever coming.


Well, what happens if your school decided that they didn't want to do a boring French or German exchange trip this year... they were going to do an exchange with a school far away with just a little bit of mystery - Hogwarts!


Write about your one week experience at Hogwarts. It can be at any time - with Sirus and James, Harry and Ron, Albus, Tom Riddle, little Lily Potter... the chocies are endless. And to make it even more interesting, you only have one week to compelte your entry!


The best stories are going to be featured in a pretty cool app that we have planned. 


Hope you have enough Felix Felicis to see you through this contest...  

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