Come branch with us

by , Thursday March 21, 2013
Come branch with us

Have you ever thought of Movellas as a tree? 


Outside Movellas HQ is a tree, and most days I look at that tree and then I read some movellas and then I look at the tree and then I write some tweets and then I look at that tree and then I read some competition entries and then I look at that tree again and.. well, you get the idea. 





It got me thinking about stories and branches and writing and trees... and then team Movellas got together to discuss some ideas and we came up with something pretty awesome. 


So here is the plan: 


I've written the first chapter of a story, you're all going to write the rest.


And there will be multiple storylines and endings and characters, kind of like parallel universes - there will be multiple branches to the story. 


So once you have read the opening chapter, you have one week to write chapter 2 (just chapter 2!). We will then choose the best three chapter 2s and do the same thing next week... so there will be 9 chapter 3s! And then the same thing again... 27 chapter 4s! 






And if you REALLY want to mix things up... why not find a co-author for your chapter? 



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