Silence & Secrets - a Speechless contest

Gossiping can get you in to trouble, but is a vow of silence the answer? Write about bullying, telling secrets and staying speechless. 


Speechless is the latest novel from the incredibly talented Hannah Harrington, author of Saving June. It explores the importance of what we say and who we say it to, of knowing when to talk up and knowing when to stay silent. After gossiping gets Chelsea Knot into a whole heap of trouble, she decides to stay silent - even when she is turned out of the in-group and bullied at school. 


You can check out an awesome extract of Speechless on Movellas (links to buy the book, which we think you're going to want to do after reading the extract, can be found below). 


When we love a book at Movellas, it can mean only one thing: a writing competition! 


Take the themes, characters, ideas or plot of Speechless and create something wonderful. A short story or a one page poem, a novel or an epic trilogy. The Movellas team will use likes, comments and favourites to create a shortlist and Hannah Harrington will then choose three winners, all of whom will receive signed copies of Speechless and Saving June, as well as 5 more books courtesy of Mira INK





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