Love and Loss: On Dublin Street

by , Thursday January 17, 2013
Love and Loss: On Dublin Street

"Haunted by loss. Freed by passion." - an "On Dublin Street" inspired Romance competition. 


We love to try new things at Movellas, so when we read the incredible "On Dublin Street" it seemed like a no brainer to run our first ever 16+ contest. (If you are under 16, check out all the other competitions we are running including our 1SHOT Valentine's contest!).


EDIT: We have taken on board a lot of the feedback you have given us and decided to open the competition up to all users of all ages, as we normally do, and invite you all to write your stories of love and loss. We made the decision to make this contest 16+ because there is some adult content in the story, but we are happy to let you choose whether you want to engage with this. 



"On Dublin Street" sees Jocelyn Butler, an aspiring writer, leave the death of her family behind her in the States and settle in Edinburgh, ignoring her demons and forging ahead without attachments. That is until she rents a new apartment in Dublin Street and meets a man who shakes her carefully guarded world to its core...



Samantha Young writes with a great maturity about love, loss, sex and growing up. This is her first departure from the YA genre and she has given us an awesome insight into how she came to write this New York Times bestseller. 

So, got all of that? Well, back to the contest...
To enter, you have to take the themes of love and loss and write your own story. It can include the characters from "On Dublin Street", or maybe just the location, or just the ideas and themes - but you should definitely read the Movellas extract before writing!
You can write as much or as little as you want, but only the first 1,500 words will be used to judge the competition, so make sure it grabs our attention (this is pretty good advice for all your writing to be honest). Once you have started writing and got some feedback from the lovely Movellas community, click the BIG GREEN BUTTON in the corner to enter your story into the contest. 
Remember that likes, favourites, reads and comments will be used to help draw up a shortlist, so make sure you spread the word about your entry! Even more important than this is to remember the key word for this contest, maturity; the winning entry will be one that deals with love and loss in a mature and adult way. 
Then a judging panel made up of people from Movellas and Penguin will choose a winner. Theprize? Oh, only 52 Penguin books. Only a book for every week of the year!



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