Reviewing 2012

by , Friday December 28, 2012
Reviewing 2012

Any aspiring journalists out there? Tell us what the highlight of your 2012 was.  


Another year is coming to a close and Movellas want to know what stood out for you. AND we want to give prizes to the best reviews.  


Was it the latest Twilight film? The release of a book? The iPad mini? Take Me Home? A gig you went to? A personal event? Something completely different?



We want to read all about it!


Writing a good review is one of a journalist's most important tasks. Kind of like making dough if you are a baker or looking hawt if you are in a boy band. It has to be informative and entertaining, unbiased but personal. Not easy mixtures.


Once you have a topic to review and have started writing (to a maximum of 1000 words - journalists also need to work to strict guidelines!), you can enter it into the contest by clicking the BIG GREEN BUTTON in the corner.


The winning 10 entries will be included in the first edition of the Movellas Magazine that will be released in February.


Get reviewing! 

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