An Unexpected Adventure Story

by , Monday December 10, 2012
An Unexpected Adventure Story

We have launched a brand new Adventure category and are celebrating Movellas style, by running a competition to find the best Unexpected Adventure Story!


You can enter with any Movella that fits in with the idea of being "An Unexpected Adventure". This could be something you and your friends did, a great fantasy quest or the story of an awesome trip you have always wanted to take... anything at all!


As always, there is no age limit or country restrictions. Simply write your Movella and then click the BIG GREEN BUTTON in the corner that says "Join This Competition". 


Maybe you can find a little bit of an extra inspiration from the release of the Hobbit, one of the greatest fantasy adventure stories of all time.


The Hobbit in question is Bilbo Baggins, an ordinary so and so with hairy feet who soon finds himself in the middle of an incredible adventure with 12 dwarves and a wizard - hence the book's subtitle "An Unexpected Journey". 


The winning three entries will receive a selection of incredible Hobbit merchandise. 


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