The Movellas Cover Competition

by , Friday November 30, 2012
The Movellas Cover Competition

You might have noticed that we have an awesome new cover editor and have updated our image gallery. This means you can make the best book covers for your movellas. To celebrate this news, we are running a Cover Competition!  


First up, get familiar with our new cover editor. You can upload your own images or choose from our gallery and then use all the new features to make the perfect cover. Use it to edit an old movella or start a new one with it.


After this you should be an expert and get involved in our competition. We are giving you three options for how you get involved in this contest: 


1) Create a new movella - start writing a story, poem or novel. Design an awesome cover for it.Enter it into this competition. The story won't be judged, but the cover will. 


2) Create a new movella - do NOT start writing a story, poem or novel. Instead, put it into the 'other' category, write a few lines telling us about the cover and give it a nice title. Enter it into this competition. Only the cover will be judged.


3) Create a new movella - do NOT start writing a story, poem or novel. Instead, choose a book that you love. Your job here is to create an alternative cover for a book that you have read and loved. Try redesigning the Hobbit, Twilight, the Hunger Games or Harry Potter.


To make it easy for people to understand, please add cover competition in brackets to your movellas title. Like this: TITLE (cover competition).    



We will pick the 10 best movellas and upload the cover designs to Rate It Slate It for you to rate and discover new movellas. 
Rate It Slate It is an awesome new place to discover the most exciting new trends in everything from books to brands, football teams to fashion.
The UK winner will receive an incredible 5,000 swapits to spend on!
And if you're outside of the UK, you will be in with the chance of winning an awesome selection of books......

Good luck! 

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