President for a day

by , Wednesday November 7, 2012
President for a day

Well Movelians, the elections are over and we've been celebrating down here in the Movellas office. Then we started thinking if one of us had become president for the day, what would we do?



Lots of ideas were tossed around and I think we all thought making compulsory Movellas creative writing workshops in schools was a definite way forward. Somebody in the office (we wont name names)  said they would make it the law that the 1D boys had to serve them whenever they ring a bell - I'm not sure if this is because he loves or hates them...


So we thought we would pass the question to you guys. What would you do if you were made president? Are there certain ridiculous regulations you would pass? Would it be a world of crazy laws and wacky ideas? Or would you be very sensible and do serious things like maybe get rid of all nucleur weapons? The choice is yours.


We are calling out to you to write a Movella of all the choices you would make and how youwould change the world. Think about life without even the basic laws such as what if there were no laws regarding stealing or murder. What do you think would make the world a better place?


This can be in any form that you want - a story, a poem, an essay, a list, a piece of journalism. As ever, the most important rule is to be imaganitive! The competition will finish on the last day of November and the winning entries will be announced in the first week of December. 


1st prize: A Movellas t-shirt and potentially published!

Two runners-up: Books and Movellas diplomas


Get writing and good luck!


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