What's hidden on your street?

The best ideas are often right under your nose - where better to look for them than where you live? 



What is hiding on your street - a murder? a romance? a mystery waiting to be solved? We want you to write a movella based on the street that you live on. 


Look intently out the window or spend an hour silently walking up and down your road. What stories can you see? Let your imagination run wild. Start writing the ideas as they come to you - characters, plot, weather, time. Are you going to use the real people that live on your street or the characters you imagine live there?





The story can be any length and you can be from any country. The only rule is that you use the street you live on or grew up on inspiration. A winner will receive one of our awesome new Movellas t-shirts and two runner-ups will get a book each.  


The competition will be judged by a panel from Movellas and will use likes, comments and favourites to help produce a shortlist. You have until Christmas day and the results will be announced in the first week of January. Good luck!    

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