Stand Up On The Huffington Post

by , Wednesday September 19, 2012
Stand Up On The Huffington Post


The image of a 'PlayStation Nation' of video games-obsessed youth has somehow become ingrained in the national consciousness — and a recent National Literacy Trust survey didn't help.


It found that young people today are reading less and watching more TV. And here's the kicker: 17% of those polled said they would be embarrassed if their friends saw them with a book! 


Now at Movellas we know that young people are far more creative, and far more inclined to read, than many adults think.


In fact, did you know you spent 100,000 hours reading and writing on Movellas last month alone? Pat yourselves on the back. 


Clearly the rumours of the death of reading and writing among teens are greatly exaggerated. Plenty of young people are passionate about reading — it's just that, these days, they don't all read paperbacks.


With this in mind, we're offering you an amazing opportunity to stand up for UK teens and redress the balance  — and get this, the best article will be published by THE HUFFINGTON POST and read by literally MILLIONS. 


All you need to do is write an article of between 500 and 800 words dispelling the myth that teens are lazy, TV-obsessed and rarely read and write. 


We really want to hear your story, so let us know about your reading and writing experiences. How long have you been publishing on Movellas? How many people have read your stories? How many hours do you spend reading and writing per day or week?


And most importantly, perhaps, what do you think of the 'PlayStation Nation' tag the youth of today have? Does it make your blood boil? Is it unfair? What are kids today really like?


The deadline is next Wednesday (VERY SOON!) so get cracking! Once you have written something, be sure to share your article all over social media as we will use views and likes to help us build a shortlist. We can't wait to hear from you.

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