Girl Heart Boy: The Deleted Scene

Introducing the Girl Heart Boy writing competition. 


First up, check out our exclusive extract from the incredible new series Girl Heart Boy. Four girls, three boys, turning 18. Get set to follow their eventful final year at school.


Now that you are hooked, you can buy the book for only 49p on the Apple iBookstore! But, back to the writing...



So, you want to be published by Penguin?


Use the video and the extract as inspiration to write a deleted scene from Girl Heart Boy. Was it deleted because it was too dark? too steamy? because One Direction took it over? because something wickedly surprising happened?


That is up to you, but once you've got your idea it is time to start writing. Sign in, create a new movella and enter it into the competition using the BIG GREEN BUTTON in the top right hand of your screen. Remember, it is a deleted scene, not a whole new novel (we know how creative you can get!).


Now it is time to start sharing your story with the world - gather a world of support from your friends, family or twitter and get them to do the same! A shortlist will be decided on by likes, comments, favourites and quality.


This prizes are too good to miss out on:

an exclusive money-can't-buy prize for the winner

of lunch with the editor of Girl Heart Boy for a critique of the writing

and chat through the publishing process and... to have your deleted 

scene published as an ebook by Penguin! 10 runners-up receive

signed copies of the first two books in the series.

so what are you waiting for?   


Please read the T&Cs before entering the competition. 

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