Unfairly Accused

by , Thursday September 6, 2012
Unfairly Accused

Another great Maggot Moon inspired activity.


"A matter of discipline, that's all!" - Maggot Moon


We have all been wrongly accused of doing something, by our parents, a teacher or even a friend. Now is your chance to get even and write a story about being unfairly accused of something!


Anyone, from anywhere, can enter, and your entry can be in the form of a story, poem, lyric or novel. Just be sure to stay on the theme of being 'unfairly accused'.  


The winner will receive a signed copy of Maggot Moon and the two runners up will both be given free vouchers codes for the Maggot Moon iBook! 


The contest will close on November 1st, but remain open to anyone coming here directly from the Maggot Moon iBook. 


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To find our more about Maggot Moon here or purchase the iBook (with links to all our activities embedded in!) here.
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