The BIG Poetry Competition

Poets. Your time is now!


One area of Movellas that we all have a big place in our hearts for and that is growing faster than anything else (except 1D fan fiction, of course!) is poetry. And while you Movellians have all been crafting the next line of your poems and deciding whether it should rhyme or not, we have engineered the greatest poetry competition this side of Shakespeare! All with a little help from our friends at the Poetry Society, Young Poets Network, if:book and Pan Macmillan (who publish some awesome poetry).



"What do I have to do? How do I enter?! Tell me!" - I hear you cry out. Well, if you would be patient, I was coming to that. 


1. Write a poem. Here is our UK editor giving you some essential tips from master poets. 

2. Upload poem to Movellas. You know how to do that, right?

3. Record yourself performing your poem or reading it aloud. Add it as a video to your movella! (not compulsory, but might be worth a few extra points!)

4. Watch poem get liked, favourited and commented on, which is the easiest/best/most frustrating part. 

5. Wait until the deadline (September 5th), when our panel of judges (Movellas the Poetry Society) will announce the winners.


"But what do I win?"


1st - Your poem published in if:book's next anthology AND membership to the Poetry Society for a year AND an exclusive Young Poets Network notebook. 

2nd and 3rd - A pack of Pan Macmillan's poetry anthologies, including Jaqueline Wilson's newest collection


"That's all fine, but what should my poem be about?" 


This is the catch... anything at all. 


Easy right? 


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