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Write a story about bullying

- The first step to solving a problem is to understand it better


We want to hear your story about bullying!

It can take place between two people or more, in school, at work - even at home. It can be emotional, physical or verbal. It can be name-calling or happy-slapping, violence or coercion. Bullying can take many forms and it is tricky to define - in fact there is no legal definition of bullying in the UK. Some people get over it quickly, for others the effects can be serious, even fatal. One thing is for sure: There is always more than one side to the story.

- A 44-year old man worked at a prison and found the guards were being too violent to the inmates. His coworkers bullied him so badly that he had to retire and will probably never hold a job again.
- A 14-year old boy committed suicide as a result of bullying, but his local community now spend all their time going to different schools to raise awareness about the consequenses of bullying.

- A 13 year old girl had to deactivate her Facebook page after a group

of bullies at school began leaving hurtful messages on her photos and
wall. She worked through the problem with her school, but does not use

Facebook anymore.

These are all true stories. Now we want to hear your story about bullying!
Write a story about bullying. It can be your story, the story of someone you know or it can be fiction.
The competition will be judged by a panel of judges, who will select the 5 best stories. It is open to all ages and countries.
The prizes:
Overall Winner:   
Writer's school wins a class set of SMART Response Interactive Response System
Writer wins an Acer Inspire One mini laptop and a signed copy of Otoli by Bryony Allen
1st runner up
Writer's school wins a class set of SMART Response Interactive Response System
Writer wins £100 Topshop vouchers and signed copy of Otoli by Bryony Allen
2nd, 3rd and 4th runners up all win a signed copy of Otoli by Bryony Allen, donated by the Publishers, Pneuma Springs Publishing.
Bryony Allen's book Otoli is about social outcast ALICE TURNER. She went to Otoli to escape the constant bullying from the Populars. She is befriended by Jenny; an enigmatic waitress who seems to be stuck in the past.

As the Populars begin to reap the wrath of a faithful friend, suspicions build in Alice’s mind. Why does Jenny keep mementoes that are four years old? And why does Alice feel that she is to blame for the downfall of her enemies?

But friendship is a two-way deal as Alice soon discovers. After breaking her promise to Jenny, she faces a far worse foe than before. Alice is forced to make choices on which her future and that of others will depend; whether or not she knows it. Moreover, she will have to find courage to escape the ultimate bully – her best friend.

Links to more about the book can be found at

Watch the book trailer here and remember that you can make your own trailer for your story and add the link to your movella!




If you have been affected by any of these issues mentioned here
and need someone to talk to, ChildLine offer a free and confidential 24-hour service online or by phone at 0800 1111





Learn more about bullying or get advice and support from

the expert team of advisors at BullyingUK.

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