World of Warcraft Fan Fiction Competition

If you play World of Warcraft or if you’re just fascinated by this vast universe of magic creatures, then share your stories with us!


World of Warcraft is an online game where players from around the world assume the roles of heroic fantasy characters and explore a virtual world full of mystery, magic and endless adventure. With more than 10 million players, WoW is easily the most popular MMORPG in the world. We want to know more about it and we want to hear what amazing stories are hiding in this world that is so familiar to the players, and so mysterious to the rest of us.


You can enter with stories about your own character – what is their background, what are they fighting for and what is their mission in life? 


You can also write a story that involves one or more of these well-known characters from WoW:

Sylvanas Windrunner ”We are the Forsaken. We will slaughter anyone who stands in our way.”


Sylvanas is the queen of the undead – a zombie queen. She is the founder of the  "Forsaken Faction of Undead” (a zombie army), who are allied with the Horde, and has styled herself the Dark Lady or Queen of the Forsaken. She has great knowledge of leadership and military strategy, ans is also adept at demon magic — having the ability to drain life, create skeletons and use mind control. While Sylvanas maintains that her loyalty to the Horde is undiminished, some of the faction's members are uncertain about her true intentions. 




Thrall - "How easily the mind can be turned to hate from a place of fear - an instinctive, natural, protective response. Instead of focusing on the things that unite us, we focus on what divides us." 


Thrall used to be Warchief of the Orcs, but is now a high Shaman of the Earthen Ring, which is a neutral faction. Thrall is currently on “nobody’s team”, but is fighting the evil dragon Deathwing. Even though he was raised as a slave by humans and trained to be a gladiator, Thrall is known to be a natural-born leader, who is both kind and fair to his own and other races.





Varian Wrynn "Look around you, brothers and sisters. Open your eyes! Look at what they have done to our kingdom! How much longer will we allow these savages free reign in our world?"



Varian is King of Stormvind, a human kingdom. Under his leadership the humans have led the Alliance to victory against their perennial enemy, the Horde. With the world plunged into chaos from this battle, he has taken up military leadership of the Alliance, and vowed to forge a new destiny for Azeroth. Varian believes in the principles of truth, honor, and duty, and he would willingly give his life to save his people.


You can also add a twist to the story – what would happen if your own character met Sylvana, Thrall or Varian?


A third possibility is writing about your experience with WoW. How did you choose the name of your character? Do you remember the first time you participated in a raid? Which was your favourite expansion? What's the best race/class in WoW and why? Which race has the best lore?

You can also choose another angle and write more generally about WoW: What is it that fascinates the players? How is it different from other roleplaying games? Why do you think so many people spend so much time and money on WoW? 


We're going to let you guys shortlist the entries by voting for your favourites (read them, give them a like, add them to your list of favourites or become fan of the author) and we'll read the most popular and find the winners among them.


You can win:

1st prize: Gaming Set from Steel Series (Keyboard, mouse, mousepad, head phones) + a fully detailed 3D replica of your WoW character from

2nd prize: Gaming set from Steel Series

3rd prize: Head phones from Steel Series

4th prize: Head Phones from Steel Series

5th prize: Head phones from Steel Series

6th prize: 2 Wow TCG loot cards (these loot cards contain a code that you can exchange for a pet in WoW)

7th prize: 2 Wow TCG loot cards 

8th prize: 2 Wow TCG loot cards 








If you don’t know anything about WoW (like us!) – here’s a short intro:

World of Warcraft, often referred to as WoW, is a massive multiplayer online roleplaying game in the Warcraft universe.

The game takes place in a fascinating world of dragons, orcs, humans, elves, zombies, werewolves, and other horror monsters who all inhabit the land of Azeroth. All races which players can play and control, belong to either The Alliance (humans, night elves, dwarves, gnomes, draenei and worgen) or The Horde (orcs, trolls, tauren, undead, blood elves and goblins), and it is the fight between these two factions that is the foundation of the game.

You can read more about WoW and the different characters here


A big THANK YOU to Steel Series for donating the prizes and to the hardworking and inspiring people behind this blog - if you're curious and want to know more about WoW, we recommend reading their blog WoW Roleplay Gear.

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