Write a one-shot fan fiction story about Conor Maynard and win tickets for next week's shows! 

We've gotten hold of tickets for Conor Maynard's sold out shows in Newcastle (O2 Academy2) on Wednesday the 25th and in Sheffield on Thursday the 26th (O2 Academy2)! YAY! 2 persons each win 3 tickets - so you can bring two friends. 

To win the tickets you have to write a one-shot about Maynard. Think about it: What would it be like to meet Conor in real life? Or maybe even be his girl friend? How would your friends react? And would you be able to deal with Conor singing to thousands of screaming girls at every show? You can write about everything - as long as the story is only one chapter and feature Conor Maynard. 


So here's something to spend the weekend with - and hopefully it'll make next week A LOT better:) Good luck everybody! 


- Fan fiction is when someone takes either the story or characters (or both) from an already known novel, tv show, movie, etc., and create their own story based on it. So a fan fiction story is almost the same as a normal fictional story, but the difference is that it includes famous persons (eg. Justin Bieber, Bella and Jacob from Twilight, Harry Potter and Hermione - and in this case Conor Maynard) 


You help us decide who wins! The winner will be chosen by the Movellas judges among the entries WITH MOST FACEBOOK-LIKES. You publish your story here on Movellas by clicking the green "Join this competition" button and entering your story. When the story is published on Movellas, your friends and fans can click the Facebook Like-button. 

- If you're only able to go to one of the concerts, add it as a tag on your story (eg. "Sheffield").


- We don't cover travel costs.  


- The competition ends at 12 am Monday night. The winners will be announced and contacted Tuesday at noon. 


- You are welcome to promote your story on our Facebook site!


A big thanks to Metropolis Music for sponsoring the tickets!





Welcome to Movellas to all you Mayniacs who haven't been here before. If you do not have an account, simply:

1) press the green 'Join this competition' button on the right hand side

2) Create an account (it's free!)

3) Write your fan fiction about Conor Maynard

4) Go back to the competition and press *Join this competition' again and add your story.

5) Now your story will pop up on the list of 'Participants' just under the green button.

Good luck!




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