Fan Fiction Competition: The Hunger Games

We’re very excited to watch the first movie in The Hunger Games-trilogy – and to shorten the waiting time we’re going to have a fan fiction writing competition!

In The Hunger Games-books you meet the 16 year-old Kattniss who lives with her mother and little sister in the country of Panem that lies in the ruins of the old North America. The land consists of 12 districts and every year the rulers of Panem forces every district to choose a boy and a girl that has to take part in The Hunger Games – the annual fight about life and death broadcasted on live television.
The day Kattniss takes the place of her little sister in the competition she is sudden that it will end up killing her. But Kattua have been close to death before, and she is ready to fight for her life.

Write a fanbfiction story based on The Hunger Games-universe. Maybe you are a contestant yourself, maybe you meet Kattniss – or maybe the game changes in an unexpected direction?


1. prize: 4 cinema tickets for The Hunger Games
2. prize: 2 cinema tickets for The Hunger Games
3. prize: 2 cinema tickets for The Hunger Games




You help choose the winner! We (Nina & Sara) choose the 3 winners among the 10 most popular stories (most likes, most views, on most favourite lists, most Facebook-likes). Remember that you can share your story on your Facebook-wall or on Movellas Facebook-page to get more readers!


How To Enter:

1. Click on the green "Join this competition" button in the top right hand side.
2. You can now either enter one of your stories (if you have published it after the competition started) OR you can start writing a new story that you can enter into the competition.
3. If you do not have an account/are not logged in, you will be directed to a page where you can sign up or log in!

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