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The purpose of UK Dropshipping Guide, is to provide buyers and sellers with quality information relating to the use of drop ship companies in the UK. From this site, we will introduce you to companies that offer drop shipper services. We will also provide you with tips and research that will help you make the right selections. If you’re in the mood, there’s even a forum.

Drop shipper – This is a wholesale company who agree to send their products directly to YOUR customer. They will not have a minimum order value. All items sent by the drop shipper should be dispatched in plain packaging, this is to ensure your customer’s do not know someone else has sent the item. This company will charge you wholesale prices for their products allowing you to set your own price (retail) price. Your profit as the seller is the difference you buy for and what you sell at.

Advantages of using a Dropshipper

    No inventory

    No minimum order amount

    Ship to anywhere in the world

    Guarantees and insurance

    A new range of items available to sell quickly

Can I Make a Profit With WWB and SaleHoo?


There's a lot of choice of drop shipping companies in the UK now, most of these are included on this site by using the link on the left. We suggest that you consider the following when thinking about working with a dropshipper:

    Make sure that any Drop shipper has contact information, including address and telephone number. If you can speak to them before, then all the better.

    Paying to become a member. Always question this, what does it get you? Are the drop shippers more interested in memberships fees than customer service? If you do pay to become a member what is the value in this for you? For example, do the dropshipping company provide you with sales tools, CSV files or something else exclusive.

    Always place a couple of orders with them before launching their products to YOUR customers. This will allow you to set reasonable expectations with your customers based on your experience and not what the drop shipper tells you.

    Ask about their out of stock notification method, there's nothing worse than selling an item only to be informed it is out of stock when you place the order with your drop shipper.

Dropshipping Friendly Supplier and Which is Cheaper?

When looking for products to sell online, it's wise to look for dropshipping friendly suppliers. These are the wholesale companies that are happy to send a product directly to your customer. As a dropshipper, there is no reason for you to see the product.

Wholesale Dropshipping - How it works

One of the most frequently asked questions on the Net is: "What should I sell online?"

Many people know what products they want to sell. However, they don't know how to do this. Should they physically stock the products themselves or promote other companies through affiliate programs?

Drop shipping may be the answer for some website owners who want to become stockless retailers, whereby they keep no stock themselves. Instead they promote products on their website and get a drop shipping company to despatch these products for them.

Here are the steps involved in drop shipping:

1) You open an Internet Store with a shopping cart and accept credit cards on your site. You can also sell on Internet Auction sites such as eBay or on Yahoo Stores.

2) You find a distributor who will "drop ship" the products you want to sell.

3) You open an account with the "drop ship" distributor(s) you choose.

4) You receive descriptions and images of the products you wish to sell from the distributor and put them on your Internet Store or Auction.

5) When a customer buys from your Store or Auction, they pay with their credit card. Your Store or Auction charges their credit card plus shipping.

6) You email the order to the drop ship distributor with the customer's name and address.

7) Then the drop shipper despatches the product to your customer from the warehouse with YOUR business name on the package.

8) The drop shipper charges you the wholesale price plus shipping. Remember you have already passed the shipping charge on to your customer, so the shipping costs you nothing.


So that's how drop shipping works. You don't have to buy products in bulk and store them, hoping to sell. You don't have to pay to have it shipped to you, and then pay again to ship it to your customer. All you had to do was send an email to your drop shipper.

However, you must ensure you deal with honest and reliable drop shipping companies or your business reputation will suffer.

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