6 Ways To Be The Most Liked Person At Work

Have you noticed that person who always seems to be more likable? Do you admire to be like him? Do you feel excited to talk to him? 

In this article, we will discover more about these questions and try to understand what characters or traits of an individual can make him so likable person at work. Here, we are sharing the most effective 6 ways to be the most liked person at work


Ask for advice

Asking for advice is a great strategical way of showing respect that tells other people that you care for their pieces of advice. They feel more motivated and valued. Personality development Courses Online gives more practical advice on how you can amaze someone with your habit of asking advice and getting other people's opinions.


Handle criticism with tact

How you want to be generous with your praise, be mean with criticism. People have an ego, even a slight attempt to insult someone can lead to disheartened. If someone shows rude behavior, or condemn your pride or tried to make fun of you with their bad words. Use it as a lesson and try to remain in your calm state of mind - be delicate, be discreet, and kind. Also remember if someone makes an error does not display it in front of others, tell him privately and initially start digging from your own mistake. 


Be polite while giving orders

When you encounter someone with the intention to get your work done it is not necessarily mean to be bossy and impose your order on them. This can be truly done in a very gentle way without pretending to harsh with your orders, instead use a simple and kind way and turn your orders into questions. Asking someone for any particular work very politely make a huge effort on how others perceive you.


Use storytelling

Storytelling is a great tool to convince anyone in the right context. People love to feel important and needed. Framing a good story like an expert storyteller is an art that requires assertiveness training online to master it. In the end, people will feel more connected and eventually end up liking you for it.


Become a genuine person, Not a robot

It's been a long time pushing the importance of authenticity. Everyone love to see the real character and generous person, not a fake or duplicate person. Do not make horrible efforts to copy other's characters just look confident, it is exponentially important to be confident but moulding yourself into someone else is not accepted at all. 


Physical touch

This seems a stupid idea to mention here in this article when our focus is to be a most liked person at the workplace. Practically, it matters a lot - many studies have proven how physical touch can break or make your image. Personality development Courses Online makes it very clear how to do it in the right manner so that the person will feel more connected and comfortable with you. 



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