my school

by , Wednesday September 11, 2019
my school

the yeeter

Everyone knows the yeeter is master of the yeets he yeets yeeter wanabees in the trash.This yeeter cannot be outyeeted because he is the greatet yeeter of all times. He yeets and skeets all the yeeting time and all of you other yeeters wish you could yeet with such graceful power as does the yeet man. if you want to yeet like the yeeter then you might as well just yeet skeet yourself cause you will never be as good as the original yeeter himself. Now there is a way to outyeet the yeeter. SIKE. you thought. No one can yeet the yeeter. thats like saying that a burger can eat himself. Well thats all i have for today you filthy wanabee garbage yeeters. Ima yeet on out of here.peepee

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