In today’s world of advanced technology, it often becomes difficult for companies to hire developers or architects who can work both on application development in Java and infrastructure optimization. That, however, is not the case anymore. An Indian development firm for Java application development can also offer their specialization and expertise on infrastructure optimization and IT service management. A Java development company in India comprises of developers and IT specialists who can handle a range of tasks, from Java application development to help clients implement the best IT infrastructure models. Now, let’s have a look at the services provided by the company.

Benefits of Java development:

Java application development and infrastructure optimization are related. Now, before diving into how the company offers its expertise in the mentioned domains, let’s have a look at the importance of Java.
● Java is a statically-typed compiled language that was architected with Object Oriented approach in mind.
● Java is fast, robust, and scalable. These features of Java allow developers to build dynamic and stable applications which could process numerous requests at the same time.
● Java is not just about the enterprise world. There had been much development around Java which includes popular technologies, libraries, and frameworks which are Java powered.
● Spring and Hibernate are two of the most popular Java frameworks with extended feature-sets and libraries for robust web application development. Mainly these frameworks are built to work with advanced Java (J2EE), and Java development firms can provide clients’ with Java developers India who have a strong grasp of knowledge on these Java libraries and frameworks.
Infrastructure optimization services :  Infrastructure optimization services offered by major Java development firm
are listed below:

● Cloud computing
● Automation integration
● Networking analysis and maintenance
● Hosting applications on servers good for processing Java libraries
● Building apps on an integrated cloud platform
● Integrating third-party libraries to support Java projects
● Securing the project and preventing data breaches
When talking about infrastructure optimization, cloud computing and its architecture always hit the mind. Java applications, supported by large companies like Oracle, can be deployed and developed on cloud architectures are built with servers to process Java applications. A Java development company can help their clients migrate their existing projects to Java frameworks and can deploy them on servers like Apache, WebSphere or weblogic. In the whole migration process, to avoid becoming the victim of data loss or data breaches, clients must ensure they hire a company that has expertise in this domain.

Now, the infrastructure services also assure clients of security and stability. Once the company takes charge of developing and deploying, they also optimize the infrastructure in such a way that security is not compromised. Major security risks include DOS attack, DDoS and SQL injections, attacks through malicious programs and worms, viruses, etc. However, with Java as the language and a solid cloud server, the application is highly secured from such threats. The next step a company would take is to make sure that the Java application is running smoothly and efficiently.
Java development and optimization services go hand in hand. After a java project is completed, it needs to be hosted in the right platform with the help of the right expertise. Hence, choosing an expert Java development company comprising of knowledgeable professionals could be the best idea for a Java project.

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