"You Promised"

by , Tuesday May 14, 2019
"You Promised"

I was sat on the side of the bed, my hand curled into the blankets that covered him. No matter how hard I tried to stop the tears, I couldn't. All I saw when I closed my eyes was the battle that had ended in his death. My heart ached to see him smile again. If only he would just sit up. He could comfort me. He would tell me everything is going to be alright. He was supposed to be immortal, so how had he died? Why would he leave me all alone in a world where living without him was so painful? I looked down upon him, his black hair, his peaceful features. He promised he would always return to me alive.

"Why. Why did you leave? Why did you break your promise?" I cried, falling on him. My hands in his hair. My head on his chest. I sobbed, wishing I could feel his arms around me once more. Feel the warmth of his skin. I never even got the chance to tell him how I feel before those horrible people did this to him. They took him from me, and they would pay with their lives. I let out a hiss, squeezing my eyes shut as the tears flowed.

"Sister." I heard Chris from behind me. His footsteps as he moved towards me. I felt his hand on my shoulder, Chris dropped to his knees beside the bed. I pushed myself away from Connor and collapsed to the ground, into my brother's arms. I longed for my memories. I need them. 

"Chris?" He pulled away from me so I coud look up at him, "Can you help me get my memories back?"

He smiled and hugged me, "You aren't the only one who wants their memories back. Kiera hasn't said a single thing since we found out. And none of the others have been very talkative either."

I wiped my eyes and looked at him curiously. "What about you?" He didn't respond right away, "What did Isaac tell you about your past life?" Isaac had told us each something about the memories that had been taken from us. He told us all in secret so that we could decide if we wanted to tell anyone else. When we first met Isaac, I'd be lying if I said I saw him as a friend. However, when he offered to tell us without the others knowing, I warmed up to him rather quickly. 

Chris sighed, "He told me that I fell for someone. Her name was Monica. But, it doesn't end there. The story dives deeper than that. Do you remember the one who is trying to kill us? Maxine Le Rogue?" I nodded, "I loved her, and we were together years ago. She was still part human then. I met Monica and she was of our kind, a full demon, yet her soul was pure. She was one of the sweetest people I had ever met and I fell for her. That is all Isaac would tell me. I have to find out more, Pipes, it's killing me to not know." 

I could feel my brother shaking, he felt weak and I felt guilty. "Oh, Chris. I'm so sorry. I have been so consumed by myself, I haven't seen the pain you have been in. I can't do anything right!" 

He shook his head and pushed me away from him, "Piper, it's not you who erased our memories. You didn't cause this." He grabbed a stray book and chucked it at me. I laughed and batted the book away, "Stop blaming yourself, Sis." Chris patted me on the head and I rushed to fix my hair.

I stood, casting a glance at Connor before crossing the room to the large window. I gazed out it, the landscape was beautiful. Ironic, considering we were still in Hell. "Isn't it crazy?" I leaned my head on the glass, the heat stung but being demon royalty it didn't faze me. Chris joined me by the window. "We lived so many years with false memories. Thinking we grew up a certain way, only to find out we have been around far longer than we believed. We have seen so much, yet these fake memories won't leave."

"You may think it's a big deal, that we were manipulated and our lives ruined. But, Piper," He turned my chin so I had no choice but to look at him, "4,182 is just a number. So, what? We have been alive for over 4,000 years. That doesn't change who we are."

I had to blink hard just to hold the tears in, "But, doesn't it?" I was ashamed that my voice sounded so broken.

Chris' eyes filled with confusion, "What did he tell you?"

"He told me that I-" I sucked in a breath, swallowing down the tears, "He told that for how young we are for demons, I was well-known and feared. Our parents did give us up at a very young age. I was sent with our father but was taken from him at the age of only 1,000. For 2,175 years I was trained to be a killer. After that I was what I had been made to be. A killer. A leader. I was a soldier for evil." I rubbed my elbow and whimpered, "Isaac said the personality, or who we used to be would come back."

"But he could be wrong." Chris tried to place his hand on my shoulder again but I shrugged him off.

"That's just it! He isn't wrong! I can already feel it. Everytime I kill, I can feel myself getting closer to who I used to be. Connor is the one person who keeps me calm. Since he was killed all I can think about is killing everyone I see." I clutched the wooden frame of the window, hearing it splinter. "My thirst for blood and death grows. I need to kill." I pushed myself from the window so hard, the twelve inch thick glass nearly shattered. Chris jolted at the look in my eyes. Who could blame him? I felt the need to kill, probably looked like it too.

I stepped up to the bed and placed my hand on Connor's chest. I bent over and landed a soft and tender kiss on his forehead.

"I will avenge your death, my love." I whispered before leaving the room. I threw open the front door and it fell off it's hinges. I could no longer see straight. My vision was darkened. Their words echoed through my head. Kiki, Gianna, Serenity, we shall be waiting for you traitor. What ever that meant. The point was, I now had a way to find them. "Hex!" I yelled waving for her to come over. She turned and smiled, then jogged over to me.

"What do you need highness?"

"Hex, what did I tell you about calling me that?" I snapped and her smiled faded, "I'm sorry. I just need you to track this to it's owner." I dropped a necklace into her opened palm. 

Her brows furrowed, "This belong to the woman who killed Connor. I'll go get the others and tell them to gather their things." She started passed me but my hand caught her arm and she stopped with a yelp.

"Don't tell them. This is something I have to do on my own." I snarled and she lowered her head then nodded, but her motions looked forced. I released her arm before I accidentally hurt her. 

"It's a simple incantation," She walked me to the gate, where this paradise ended. Hex's eyes were full of sadness as she held her above the golden gem within the silver encasing of the necklace. "Redi." She let go of the necklace but rather than fall, the gem floated. "It will take you to them. The spell won't be able to be broken until it is around the owner's neck. So you better keep up with it."

I nodded, "You don't have to tell me twice." Dark wings suddenly sprouted from my back and Hex yelped.

"Don't you have to be a higher ranked demon in power level to have wings?" She asked in a timid voice.

"I am a higher ranked demon. Now, back off. I have some business to take care of." I hissed and she instantly stepped back several feet. I felt guilty that I was being so mean but stomped the feelings down. 

I spread out the wings and leaped into the air. With one flap I was already above the forest of burning trees. They were cursed to burn forever. If a human were to get near them, they would go up in flames and die. If a demon gets near, it's like a normal tree. The smoke doesn't bug us either. And thank goodness for that because the necklace dove straight into the burning forest. I followed quickly, keeping pace with it. The gem dodged trees and branches, it almost broke the chain but it stopped for a second to loosen itself. I was more elegant than I have been in a while. My eyes zoned in on the gem, my motions weren't controlled by me. Of course, then the gem stopped. I nearly face planted into molten rock.

"Oh? Back for more?" I heard Kiki's slimy voice and the anger grew. She was the one who killed him. I flicked my wrists and a knife appeared, blade cold against my palm. 

Kiki went to step forward but one of the girls caught her by the arm, "Sister, she has changed. I sense our old friend. To fight her in this state, it is a suicide mission." The girl had fear in her voice. Fear of me. I looked at her and it was as if her name flashed across my vision.

"Serenity. My old friend. Are you afraid?" I smirked and saw Serenity shrink away, behind Gianna and Kiki. I could see that she was different and a part of me didn't want to kill her but there was still the blood lust I felt towards Kiki and Gianna. They, at least, had to die. If I accidentally killed Serenity, then so be it.

"Of course she isn't afraid!" It was Gianna who spoke this time. I looked at her. She had helped hold Connor down as Kiki stabbed my friend repeatedly, destroying all of his hearts. Gianna was also impulsive, like me. I ony knew this because she instantly lunged at me, her face looked as if it was melting, her eyes weren't present. I dodged to the side easily and pierced her melting body with my knife. She screamed in pain as the knife started to glow. A second later, Gianna exploded and her ashes blew away into the wind. 

I turned to Kiki. She was infuriated, and stupidly followed her sister in lunging at me. I jumped, the wind caught my dark wings and I dropped back down on her back. The knife pressed against her neck. One quick swipe and she screamed, I let her go so she fell to the ground writhing and holding her neck.

I didn't wait to watch Kik fully die, before I turned my eyes on Serenity. I had barely taken a step towards the shaking girl when I heard his voice say my name. My whole body froze. It couldn't be. As a matter of fact, it was impossible. He couldn't be here. I didn't chase after Serenity when she turned and ran, and I didn't move a muscle until I felt the warmth of his fingers on my hand. The knife fell with a soft clatter onto the burning rocks. The trees around us seemed to burn even brighter than before. I nearly choked when I turned to see him standing there. 

"Connor!" I cried out, collapsing into his arms. "How?" I sobbed, my legs were suddenly weak as his arms tightened around me. I strung my arms around his neck, burying my face in his chest. He was so tall I had to be on my tip toes, but he was holding most of my weight.

"I don't know how. Last thing I remember was seeing you screaming as I was stabbed. Then everything went black, and I woke up in a bed with him standing beside me." Just hearing Connor's voice again was enough to keep me crying. I thought I would never hear him speak ever again. I thought we would never be able to hold each other like this again. I blinked and managed to somehow stop the tears as I looked around Connor. Isaac stood, leaning against a flaming tree. He was smiling as us. His dirty blond hair had been brushed since I last spoken to him, and his light blue eyes gleamed brighter than they normally did.

"Thank you Isaac." I hugged Connor close to me and smiled when Isaac bowed his head.

I felt Connor shift and flinched, knowing he was examining the dead demon behind him, and the clothes of the other one covered in blood, "Oh, my god. Piper, how-" His words were cut off as his eyes locked on something behind my back. I turned to see what he did but saw nothing. Then I felt his hands touch my wings, "How did you get wings?"

I blushed, "Right. I had nearly forgotten." Once more I looked to where Isaac was, but this time saw nothing. "I'll tell you later. Can we go back to the others? I don't want you to get hurt or killed again." I looked up at him, our eyes clashed. His black hair was wind tossed, his eyes almost shining green. A half smile rested upon his lips. I tried to resist the temptation but broke and pressed our bodies together. My lips connected with mine and it was as if the burning trees had left, the molten rock fell away. It was just us. His arms held me in the comforting way they used to at school. While I could still feel the need to kill, it wasn't overwhelming as it had been before. I even started feeling guilty that I had killed Kiki and Gianna, mainly because that meant I hadn't been there when Connor woke up, but still. 

Finally, I was able to break away from Connor enough so we could start to walk. It was silent at first, but I could sense Connor's gaze on me, he was still smiling. I'm not going to lie, I was smiling too. His hands were in his pockets. I stretched my hand out behind me and felt the knife fly back to me, clasping around my finger. It flashed and turned into a simple silver ring. 

"Are you mad at me?" I asked randomly, my gaze locked on the ring and I pretended to be examining it so he wouldn't make me look at him. I was ashamed. I had killed those two demons without a second thought. The jade haired Gianna. The brown haired Kiki. I had almost killed their little sister, her light blue hair and bright blue eyes made my mind hurt. I was trying to remember them. They had called me a traitor, so I assumed they were a part of my team before my memories were stolen.

Connor scoffed, "Mad? Why would I be mad? You did exactly what I would have done." His hand brushed some of my black hair behind my ear.

"Yeah, but it wasn't just for you. It was mainly for you. I killed them because I had a way to find them, and I wanted to kill them. For fun. For a challenge." I hit myself in the head, "Listen to me! I'm losing my mind! I can't control myself! I'm a danger to everyone I love!" I saw a boulder about my height next to where we were passing. I stopped and banged my head on it, black blood dribbled onto the rock. Connor's arms wrapped around me, he pulled me away from the rock before I could bang my head on it a second time. 

"Hurting yourself isn't the answer! You still have people who care about you. People who need you. Besides, you would never hurt any of us." He stroked my hair, and let me cry. The blood soaked his white shirt, mixing with tears. The ringed decided to start then. I wanted to respond but instead, I opened my mouth to steak, and screams emerged. I started to fall but one of Connor's arms wrapped around my back, the other tucked under my legs. He lifted me, the screams continued. I clawed at my ears, drawing more blood. Connor looked worried, this was the most the ringing had made me scream before. This was also more painful than all the other times. "somnum." He whispered and my vision went black except for a few images of a group of people with me sitting in the middle of them all. The pain lessened but I could still feel it. I felt like death. I had jsut gotten Connor back, how ironic would it be if I died?




By the way I will be adding more. I was just working on a scene in the future of the books I'm writing with my friend.

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