by , Friday October 5, 2018


The only thing unbelievable is this man

I do a lot of shaking my head at the news, ranting and raving about issues. Most of these are usually directed at Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, two men out of the same mould. Both in it for what they can get out of themselves. Both misogynistic white males who thinks the sun radiates from their anuses (or words to that effect). They believe that it’s their way or the highway. Such arrogant behaviour makes me worry for the state of this small world, but maybe more of that another time. No this time my blood was boiled by the way our fiend Donald dealt with the rape allegations that Christine Blasey Ford made against Brett Kavanagh.

To mock her in front of an adoring audience made me feel physically sick. I couldn’t get over the feeling this was why she’d kept it secret until that moment. It makes you realise that the way cases of sexual abuse are kept quiet. The victim feels more like a criminal than the man who subjected her to such terror. The way that lots of trump supporters automatically think she is lying and the man is innocent made my blood boil.

The mocking in a campaign speech was unbelievable. She deserves the right to be heard as any victim does. She deserves an investigation that takes longer than five days, where the victim and accused are not even interviewed. Justice is being undone before our very eyes, which is amazing considering that what is at stake is a place on the supreme court. How can we believe anything it rules on if sitting in judgement is a rapist?

This is about the most sickening thing I’ve seen from Trump, and considering his last few years, that’s a big ask. The world needs to do something to curb people like Trump, before we live in a world where to be bullied is the norm.


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