Inspiration For My Character Names, vol. 1

by , Wednesday September 12, 2018

Inspiration Behind the Characters of Our Dark Lies

Naming characters is hard stuff


Hello! I'm not pretending to be some sort of goddess of naming characters, in fact I am far from a master of this delicate art. I just thought it would be cool to share the inspiration behind some of my character's names. 


Olyxe Heregaleoh-licks hear-gail- started out as a typo of "Onyx" (Olyx) I thought it looked cool, so I built on that. I mashed to random words together to create the surname, until i founf something which looked good.


Tenjeyten-jay- got this from a stre in a mall out of town called "Alli and Tanjay" which I've never been in, only saw the cool sign and twisted the name around a little bit. 


Fenly- fen-lee- was orignally goign to be Tenly, but i thought it sounded too much alike to Tenjey.


Nokonoh-koh- started with an alternate spelling of "Nicky" (Niki) but didn't like how it sounded. I experimented with several variations before settlin on this one. 


Jasmajazz-mah- I played around a little bit with "Jasmine."


Katpin- Cat-pin- originated as a surname for Olyxe (Catpin) but didn't quite fit. I changed the 'c' to a 'k' and made it a character. 


Kissija- kiss-ee-jaw- not really sure how i got this one, other than that I played around with letters until i found a combination that sounded cool.


Ridserrid-zur- same as Kissija, really. 


Enise- eh-knee-z- I really like the spice, Anise, so I played with the lettering. Anise tastes like licorice, by the way. Its very good if you ask me.


Keila- kay-lah- I started out with the name Kayla, before I realized its the name of a girl at my school, so I changed the lettering.


Well, there you go! That's where I came up with the names for most of my characters. I hope this was at least somewhat interesting, as I'll be doing a follow-up with the Southern Falls main characters.

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