Writing Style and Personal Style

by , Monday August 27, 2018
 Writing Style and Personal Style

These days I've been reading many, many people's writing. These are some of the reactions I noticed from my own mind as I go through the writing pieces (phrases in brackets are analogies for image impressions)

* If the penmenship is bad, I don't want to read it (so if someone dresses really badly, people may not want to know him/her)

* If the grammar is bad, it's difficult to keep my attention still. The mind strains to understand what is beneath the terrible grammer (if someone communicates badly, even though dressing well, we'd have a hard time understanding the message).

* If there is no detail in support of the points that the writer is attempting to make, I flip through it quickly and forget it quickly (if a person has no substance, we forget them).

When I come upon a piece of good writing, I feel like jumping for joy! Good writing consists of:

* Good idea presentation with details backing the supporting points (great dressing and grooming that matches the personality perfectly).

* Precise language usage; good grammar and sentence structure (great communication skills - say what you mean, mean what you say genuinely, coupled with great manners).

* Strong opinion, rather than wishy washy (someone who know what they want, and not afraid to express it).

* Good penmenship helps, although many use computers now (great personal style helps, although many people wear things that are passable without much personality, and in ample supply in stores); P.S. And services who write my essays too 

 Need I say more?

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