May Hidden Gems

by , Tuesday May 15, 2018
May Hidden Gems

May Hidden Gems

Check out this month’s awesome array of hidden gems!


May is here already and flowers aren’t the only lovely things flourishing this Spring - I have some more wonderful hidden gems for you to check out! These are just a handful of stories and poems I have enjoyed on Movellas recently, so I decided I’d share them so others can appreciate them too.


Coffee Shops and Galleries [R rated]

By Jasmine Green

Tanya spends half her life in coffee shops and galleries, studying for her art degree. She find inspiration and solace in those favourite places, but what she didn’t expect to find was love. However when she meets someone from her past, a romance develops between them, one that pushes both of their ideas about what love can be.


A great start to a contemporary romance novel with wonderful potential. I like the simplicity of the writing in this story - it’s an effortless and intriguing read. (Also that cover is stunning!)


Runic: Heart of Spoils

By Jubjubird

All life’s a game for those who thrive in a world filled with them. In the wonderfully bleak realm of Sitic, a small band of misfits dwell in the only form of civilisation where fun reigns as top priority, even if a little madness slips in unannounced. They explore the rabbit holes no sane soul would ever venture, much less find enjoyment in. They’re not the most stable group by any means, but making bliss from absurdity is quite a common practice among those who go about in crazed solitude.


Outside, phantoms roam about seeking to enter their home and ruin what amusement bides within. Tensions are strung as the threats grow more and more lethal and the intruders become more and more dangerous. Lifelong friendships are tested. Battles commence. Something must give at one point or another, and slowly, losing one’s mind becomes a better option as the days draw on…


This is one of the most well written stories I have read. It flows as one and the descriptions and metaphors are beautifully done, making it more interesting to read. I really recommend checking out this marvellous fantasy story.




The Crow and the Moon​ & The Crow’s Farewell

By Erenil

The Crow loves the moon and wishes to have it for his nest. He flies off in search of the moon but finds something far more precious.


This short series is beautifully written and has a rather whimsical, fairytale-like quality to it. I particularly liked that it was told from the perspective of an animal, and the overall message is a thought-provoking one.


Death Can Dance

By Erica Bluewater

When you’re dancing with him, how can you stop? For when your feet stop, so do you...


A poem with a sinister concept that deserves more appreciation. It has a lovely flow to it and presents contrasting emotions - the beauty of dance and the malignity of Death. Brilliant!


The Purple Daisy

By White Ravens


Demons are parasites, latching onto souls throughout the centuries. Angels are here to rid the world of these demons, but at a price for humanity.


This is a Paranormal & Supernatural story that’s engaging from start to finish. Sentence structure is utilised really well to enhance the haunting, ominous quality to the story.

Thank you to Chrissy Sky for sharing these hidden gems & writing this blog post :)

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