March's Hidden Gems

by , Wednesday March 28, 2018
March's Hidden Gems

March's Hidden Gems!

Check out the latest batch of hidden gems you can read on Movellas, hand-picked by The Intelligence Division



Over the past month or so I’ve been compiling just a short list of really awesome Movellas that have received – in my opinion – far too little attention and recognition. I’ve put them all into a video, which was fun, but I’m going to briefly list them here as well.



By Lontice

Once upon a time, in a land far away, a prince received a witch for his very special day. Though rocky at first, their friendship grew strong; there twasn't a soul in the kingdom who did not envy their bond. But each story has some form of twisted endeavor, so time put a curse on their promises of forever.


Genre: Romance/Fantasy/Fairytale

Length: Just an introduction so far...

CommentsExcellent prose, really grabbing opening. I’m really excited to find out what happens next! Note that this Movella is R-rated.



Test Lab #105

By Emmawrites

Maggie is a normal 14 year old girl- at least for a while. She is kidnaped and the next thing she realizes she is in a test lab. People are yelling and going insane as she is taken throughout the hallways, until she meets another girl. How will they get out of the test lab before they die?


Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Length: Also just an introduction so far.

CommentsWell, it lives up to the suspense part quite well already. Intriguing characters and quite unpleasant dialogue/descriptions – I actually found myself wincing at certain points and going ‘eew’. I’m really excited to find out where this story goes.




Humanity Never Changes

By Lasairandragon


The world has only just begun interacting with other races beyond Earth. Now, on the cusp of Humanity reaching out to the stars, a rogue group proves just how true it is: Humanity Never Changes. Follow Agent Tork as he and his team work to stop a plot that could set humanity back decades.


Genre: Science Fantasy/Espionage

Length: Long. Twenty chapters, 100,000,000,000% worth the time and emotional investment.  

Comments: Amazing sci-fi worldbuilding. Excellent concepts at work, blended with a stunning and challenging portrayal of society.



The Madhouse

By Theguy395k

This is a story about a Prison run by the government to contain Supernatural beings that pose a threat to the population.


Genre: Fantasy

Length: Longer than 1 and 2 on this list, but in a much greater state of completion, yet significantly shorter than number 3.

Comments: As I state in the video, I’ve read version of this idea before, and many of you likely have too. The ‘prison for supernatural beings’ is a concept with vast potential and is quite difficult to do well. This particular story takes that challenge and eats it for breakfast, laughing as it does so… though after certain scenes in this story, images of eating unusual things while laughing will never have quite the metaphorical ring to it that it did previously, so maybe I’d do better to leave out that bit of imagery…




Terror’s Agony

By Jerlynn


Jack Ridley has fought off his fear by striking it into the heart's of others, but nothing scares him more than the putrid stench of terror that clings to the air like a lifeline whenever he lets his wrath run wild. The steady burn of his cigarette isn't the only thing that could go up in flames. A fire has started within him so monstrous that not even the devil on Jack's shoulder can reap what he sows. How do you fight your fears when the only thing left to fear is yourself?


Genre: Mystery and Suspense

Length: Again, not as long as number 3, but longer than number 4. I’m not so sure why I included this length category now. Probably for those ones that are just an introduction so far. This one’s a good length story! It’s as long/short as it needs to be! Don’t question it! On to the

Comments: It’s a tense thriller that pulls off multiple narrators really well, like, really well – really really well considering how hard it is to do and still have each narrator remain relatable, which this story manages perfectly.




The Living Dead Girls

By Lady Whovian and Rudy_The_Hellhound


A story of two girls that are made by a mad scientist and deny they are monsters...


Genre: Paranormal and Supernatural

Length: Still on the short side, but updated pretty regularly.

Comments: An interesting take on Shelley’s Frankenstein… kind of. It’s got this weird, sparse, alien style of prose that I quite like. The story is intriguing and I’m excited to see where it goes. Definitely keep an eye on this one to see where it goes, and give the authors feedback!





Please go check out these stories and their authors, and give them likes and feedback! They all really deserve much more than they’ve been getting. Finally, comment which one is your favourite down below!

Thank you to The Intelligence Division for finding and sharing these hidden gems

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