Interview: Meet the Author Behind 'One Man’s Treasure'

Meet the Author Behind 'One Man’s Treasure'

You've seen the trailer now meet the movellian behind our newest Audio Story...



Last week we released our newest addition to the Movellas Audio Stories family: 'One Man’s Treasure.' You might have watched the trailer and maybe even listened to some of the story - now you'll get the chance to learn more about the author behind this great story.


How has a story about curses, dark thieves, and twisted love emerged? Taking place in two parallel worlds - one modern and the other Victorian London - the fast-paced dialogue and plot twists keep everyone guessing until the very end. Movellas met in London with the author behind the new audio story to find out just where she got her inspiration - and why she is so fascinated with writing stories that take place in Victorian times.


You might know her - Midnight Rogue, whose name is Fay Rahman, has been a part of Movellas since 2012 when the writing community first started. She's published several stories throughout the years, however this is her first audio story release and anyone who's read 'One Man’s Treasure' will agree that its exciting and crooked characters make for the perfect story to get lost in.


We won’t take up any more of your time, but pass the mic over to Fay so she can tell you more about herself, her time at Movellas, and of course more about One Man’s Treasure...


If you haven’t watched the phenomenal trailer for 'One Man’s Treasure' yet, then go check it out now - you won’t regret seeing how Movellas took this to a whole other level (we’re talking cinema-worthy-trailer here, if we may say so ourselves;) Watch it below to see what we mean.


Listen to 'One Man’s Treasure' on Spotify below or with another streaming service you can find right here.

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