Watch the Trailer for our Newest Audio Story Release: One Man's Treasure

New Audio Story Released: One Man's Treasure!

Watch the epic trailer here...


Spring is in the air and with a new season we have an exciting update to announce and that's the release of another Movellas Audio Story, One Man's Treasure by the writer Fay Rahman, who we all know as Midnight Rogue on Movellas. 


But this is no ordinary movella, and in unveiling the Audio Story, Sony Music in partnership with some other talented actors have put together a teaser trailer to the audio story that's Oscar-worthy in our opinion :) And as an added bonus instead of just three episodes being released like we normally do, this time the entire movella and all it's thrilling episodes have been released in one go.


So without further ado, watch the trailer here!


If you like action, adventure, and haunting tales then this is a story for you to listen to...


Make sure to try out listening to the story on Spotify here or any other streaming service you can think of here :)



More releases will follow this coming season and we're excited to hear, share, and listen to more Audio Stories. A lot of hard work has been done by the writers and everyone who took part in the making of the trailer, so give us a shout on social media if you liked it too <3 and keep checking the Audio page for releases of more episodes every Friday into a bright and sunny Spring.

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