Raising Kane Audio Story Released!

by , Friday February 9, 2018
Raising Kane Audio Story Released!

The 'Raising Kane' Audio Story has been Released!

There's a new audio story on Movellas and it's an action & adventure tale you won't want to miss...




New episodes from our Audio Stories are released every friday on Movellas & Spotify, if you've been listening and liking this new way of experiencing stories, then we have a treat for you.


Our latest release is the story Raising Kane by newly-signed Sony author Dragon rider fangirl, or as you can see on the beautiful cover of the audio story here, Chaia Alford, so congrats are in order on the debut! 


This action & adventure story is torn from a dark world of assassins, betrayal, and one bloodthirsty queen who rules supreme. Listen to the first 3 episodes on Movellas, or on the Spotify playlist we've put here :)




We're excited to hear what you all think of the new Audio Story on our social media platforms. In the meantime, there'll be new episodes released for 'Raising Kane' every Friday.

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