New Audio Stories Released

by , Friday January 19, 2018
New Audio Stories Released

New Audio Stories have been Released!

There's a whole slew of new audio stories you can find right here from our very own movellians



There has been a flurry of activity when it comes to Audio Stories on Movellas and the authors have been working very hard in finishing their stories before they were recorded in a sound studio in partnership with Sony Music.


We would like to announce the four releases we've had so far - 'Carpe Noctem,' 'Drowning Lessons,' 'Surreptitiously Supercilious' - and now 'Beauty and the Geek 2: When in Rome!' We've been releasing new episodes of each of these stories every week, so be sure to check back if you've been listening and are wondering what's next in these riveting movellas...


Surreptitiously Supercilious was released last week and it's movellian River_Summers' first Audio Story, so congrats to her on the debut! 


Beauty and the Geek 2 was just released today and is the official sequel of the Zayn Malik fanfic here that we've always loved written by Stephanie Williams. Listen to the first 3 episodes on Movellas, or on the Spotify playlist:


We're looking forward to hearing more of what you all think of these new movellas as they are the newest additions to our Audio page. Stay tuned as we move forward in 2018 with more releases, new episodes, and a splendid mix of more Audio Stories to come.

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