January's Hidden Gems

by , Wednesday January 17, 2018
January's Hidden Gems

5 Enticing Reads to Begin 2018

Here's five movellas to shake off those winter blues...



It's a new year and while it still may be winter for most of us, we've got some awesome movellas to add to your reading list to occupy all the time you might have otherwise spent shivering ;) Our social media ambassadors have read and raved about these stories below so now we're happy to present them to you in this month's edition of hidden gems.




By Lily Anna


“First it was like a hobby. Now it’s an obsession.”


Sam can’t stop taking photos of this one girl in the library. He doesn’t know her name, he hasn’t spoken to her but he is unhealthily obsessed; yet he remains convinced nothing is wrong with him. He is so completely infatuated he can’t see clearly, unknowing of the damage it will cause and the sacrifices he will make in the path to get what he wants. But how far will he really go?

I loved the perspective of this story, you begin to find yourself sympathising with the “sinner” of society. An awesome story with a touch of mystery, a perfect read to start the new year.






Purple Girl

By IAmYourNemesis


“I am going to live forever.”


Murderous. Mysterious. Beautiful. Bold. Witty. Vibrant. Alluring. Maria is the liveliest dead girl around, and she’s lived almost as many lives as she’s stolen away.

A gripping thriller that’ll spark your imagination. So well written, the imagery is perfect!





72 Hours

By StevieGregg


“Such a strong, unyielding wave of guilt crashed into me when I stopped to really think about what happened. The sheer injustice.”


We were a threat: Violence and Destruction embodied in physical form. We didn’t realise what they would do. How could we ever have imagined this? That Activation was our future? That our minds and bodies would no longer be our own? They control us.


This sci-fi story is a really exciting read! Excellent world-building to get your creative juices flowing.







By Squonk Of The Nightshade


“...somehow I felt the forest may hold the key to her.”


Do you believe in fairies? Johannes didn’t but a chance encounter in a forest sends him on an adventure where he starts to question not only his beliefs, but his own sanity.

This is unlike any fantasy story I’ve read before. It’s enchanting, well written and the cover is gorgeous, wouldn’t you agree?





By AThousandMidnightTheories


“We stand, bathed in moonlight, looking at each other.”


MCalla Lily Tullier currently lives in a false reality, created by her soulmate, Torrin, so they could escape from the cruel society that they were born in. Once they find each other in the new world that they’ve created, they know that they will be happy. But when the machine suddenly fails, Calla and Torrin are abruptly thrown back into the real world... only to find that every piece of their old lives are gone.

This story carries so much emotion and feeling. The imagery is superb, so imaginative. It makes you feel as if you really are in a different reality.



Read any hidden gems lately that you think should be on the list? Comment them below.


Thank you to Chrissy Sky for writing this post and to our other social media ambassadors who read & comment on lots of hidden gems...

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