Winners of the Sci-Fi Competition!

by , Saturday December 30, 2017
Winners of the Sci-Fi Competition!

Announcing the Winners of the Sci-Fi Competition

We've judged all of your epic science fiction entries - now get ready to hear about the winners!



This writing competition was all about science fiction. We adore this genre - the universes, the alternate realities, the mind-blowing themes you all come up with, and most of all, the originality at work in your sci-fi stories, covers, and fanart. This competition was no exception and we were impressed by the varying story styles where the beginnings of some truly amazing science fiction stories can be found. We hope that all of those who entered will continue writing their stories now that the winners have been announced as we would very much like to see where these unfolding sagas go from here...


There are a lot of different kinds of stories among the entries which makes for very interesting reading, let us assure you. And while it was immensely difficult to select who won from all the awesomeness in this competition, we were quite impressed with the winners we've listed here as well as the worthy mentions we felt was only fair to name too!


The winners will receive Amazon books or gift cards for prizes! We hope you all liked having this writing competition on Movellas - many thanks to all the talented movellians who took part, you should all consider taking up sci-fi series-writing yourselves :)



Best Story

Element 94 by Chrissy Sky




Runner Up

The Terra Core by Darth_timon




Best Cover

The Edge of Something by Lily Anna



Here are the most excellent worthy mentions from this competition - and they include both stories you should read as well as a cover we found hard to look away from...

Mutants by Dragon Rider Fangirl


Up There so High by Katie Pharoah



Odyssey by Infinite_Exho




Winners will be contacted by email

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