Movellys 2017!

by , Monday January 8, 2018
Movellys 2017!

It's Time to Rewind - and Find the Best of Movellas in 2017!

Are you ready for Movellys? Start by nominating here.



Movellys is back! 2017 may be over, but now it's time to highlight those who've stood out on the website throughout the last year. We want you all to vote for your favorite stories and movellians so we can find the winners of Movellys 2017 together :)


What is Movellys?

Movellys is Movellas' annual awards ceremony. This is the 5th year in a row that we've awarded the best stories, authors, new users, and other creative souls with our very own prizes.


This year there are 10 categories. The first phase of Movellys will take place in the links below, and it consists of YOU nominating who you think deserves to win. To nominate, you just write a comment where you mention the user (and/or the story) you'd like to be able to put in the running for Movellys 2017! We encourage that you explain why you chose that person/story because we'll be looking at this along with the number of nominations when deciding who to put through to the final phase of voting.


You have until 11:59 PM on the 28 of January 2018 to nominate, and you can nominate as many as you want... 


We'll read through all nominations and find 5 finalists for each category. After that, the ball is in your court once again. You'll need to vote for the person/story you like the most (you are only allowed to vote for 1 here:) The person/story that received the most votes in that category will be the winner!


The Movellys Trophy

Each winner will receive a beautiful trophy where their username, category (and title of story) will be engraved.


The Categories

Now it's time to reveal the categories we've chosen to include this year! We decided only to choose the most relevant to ensure that there would be enough nominations:


Fanfiction Author of the Year

Author of the Year (not fanfiction)

Movellian of the Year

Fanfiction Movella of the Year

Movella of the Year (not fanfiction)

Best Visuals Award

Best Audio Story Award

The Rising Star Award


In addition to these categories, the Movellas team will also be finding a winner for the Honorary Award and Ambassador of the Year!



Now it's time for you to nominate whoever you think deserves to win. You do this by clicking the separate categories linked above and going to the category itself that you wish to nominate for and comment there. The only restriction is that when voting for stories, the stories that are allowed to be nominated must have been updated in 2017 and cannot be published before 2016. Another thing to note is that if a story was in the top 3 last year, it cannot win again. 


IMPORTANT: If a story ended before 2017, it will not be a valid entry just because the author may update the story upon reading this blog post. We will disqualify any nominations we suspect of this. The story has to have been updated with an actual chapter in 2017 :)



Happy nominating and good luck in Movellys 2017 - may the odds be ever in your favor!

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