Winners of the Diversity Competition

by , Friday December 8, 2017
Winners of the Diversity Competition

Our Winners of the Diversity Competition!

Read the stories inspired by last Summer's feature month - and let us tell you more about the winners...



In this writing competition we were looking for something a little different. This past June we had a feature month during which we featured diversity on the Movellas blog as well as in this competition! The diversity didn't have to be a specific kind as blog posts written by movellians looked at everything from religious to ethnic diversity and the stories in this competition were wonderful examples of what's possible when diversity is the focus. For those of you who like to read stories that defy clichés, seek to surprise and inspire, and whose characters and plots are anything but mainstream - then these competition entries are the ultimate reading list for you :)


There is a nice mix here of all kinds of stories that you ought to have a look at (if you haven't already) and we're quite proud of our winners and honorable mentions. We hope these kinds of stories will continue to be written because we love to read them! The fact of the matter is diversity always makes things better, especially writing <3 


Winners will receive their pick of Amazon books or gift cards for prizes and we hope you all enjoyed having this writing competition on Movellas - we sure did! Thank you to all those who participated.



Best Story

Trapped by Pokémon_Trainer




Runner Up

Couture by Supreme




Best Fanart

Rainbow Wedding Fanart Project by BadassJem


This is just one of the fanart pieces in the project (purple!) but they are all very good so we would highly recommend you look at all the other colors in this beautiful wedding compilation :)



Here we have this competition's honorable mentions - amazing stories in their own right that we will forever love.

Zodiac by Planet Shay


Paper Forests by The Force Of Storms





The winners will be contacted by email

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