Sony Music Contest: Become a Superstar

by , Wednesday October 4, 2017
Sony Music Contest: Become a Superstar

Want to become a Star with Sony Music?

Join this contest and you could win a spot in our international Audio Stories launch!



Now you have the chance to win a publishing contract with Sony Music and the Movellas Audio Stories project. This is your opportunity to become a famous writer and maybe even change your life! Don’t worry if you don’t have any previous experience with writing - in this contest, you can participate no matter what.  


This contest is all about finding the next ideas and stories to feature in our Audio Stories project with Sony Music - and everyone from around the world can enter.


There aren’t any limits to what your story can be about - as long as it’s captivating and leaves the reader craving more. You can choose to write fantasy, science fiction, horror, fanfiction - you name it! Don’t worry about seeming too crazy or wild - the more daring and unique - the more it will catch our attention.



What to Do First...

To understand what Movellas Audio Stories are, you should listen to some of the great stories that have already been published on Spotify! We recommend that you listen to at least 3 stories in full length to get a feeling of how it works.  


  • Write your story. It can be a fanfic, regular story, oneshot, etc. just be sure to save it as a Word document or Google doc. You can write at least 3 pages or a chapter of the story and up to 5 chapters if you like.
  • Got writer's block? Email in your winning story ideas if you had the time to write it in the near future :)
  • Send your story by email to In your email, include the following information:​





Facebook or Messenger Name:

Mobile Number:


After the contest deadline Sony Music will read all the stories and choose the winners!



What You'll Win

The prize of this competition is a publishing contract with Sony Music. Winning stories will earn spots in the Sony Audio Stories launch! Their stories will be recorded in a sound studio and turned into Audio Stories available on Movellas and Spotify, among others. 





Open globally

Stories must be written in English

You may not submit copyright-protected material copied from third party



The contest ends Sunday, November 5th 2017

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