Poem by the Un-Poetic Loner

by , Wednesday August 23, 2017
 Poem by the Un-Poetic Loner


A sad little poem... I also don't ever write poems....

...I tried...lol  ↓↓↓


Do you watch me like I watch you?

Do you wonder about me like I do you?

Do you ever?

I watch you like a child chasing a rainbow.

I wonder of you like a dreamer who never sleeps.

It feels like forever.

This feeling is unlike any other.

This feeling is like trying to hold on to a wave.

This is painful.

My heart twists at the thought of you.

My mind doesn’t dare for the plague of you.

Why does it feel this way?

Endlessly yearning, endlessly hoping,

End it, please.

Don’t smile like you know me.

Don’t tempt my breaking heart.

Don’t let your hand stray from your pocket.

Forget what we’ve said.

Forget, let me not remember.

I hate the pain of you.

I wonder, why is it always so damaging?

Am I that bad that you’d never think of me the way I do you?

Am I that horrible to the eye?

Am I not worth your time?

Perhaps this love isn’t love at all… 


Thanks for reading! :) Comment below and tell me what you think! Its depressing, I know. Lol I don't normally write poems so yeahh. 



©BookloverAyame-chan // The picture is MINE! 



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