Hey all!!

I just logged on and saw something that I think is really amazing and I thought it would never, ever happen!!

Anyone remember my first Imagine Dragons fanfiction, Polaroid? Well, I just logged on a minute ago, and I saw that it had 1002 views!! I am so, so happy!

 When I first made this account, I thought that no-one would like my stories or want to read them. I thought this site would just be something to do when I'm bored. I never thought I'd get 10 views, never mind 100 and I thought I'd be dreaming to think that I'd ever get 300, never mind 1,000. (Not that it's bad to dream. Dan Reynolds makes that clear everytime I listen to Dream by Imagine Dragons!)

For anyone else on this site, maybe getting 1002 views isn't as amazing. But for a girl who thought she'd never get 10 views, I think this is definietly blog-worthy.

I have only one thing to say to the Polaroid viewers- THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I promise I'll update soon...when i actually know what's going to happen!!

Keep dreaming and don't let anyone stop you! If they try, just say this: I wanna dream, I wanna dream, LEAVE ME TO DREAM. (lyrics courtesy of Imagine Dragons)


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