Sense8: a Paragon of Diversity

by , Monday June 26, 2017
Sense8: a Paragon of Diversity

Sense8: a Paragon of Diversity

Read about the TV show at the heart of this feature week's focus on racial diversity


Welcome to Racial Diversity Week on Movellas! As one of the most diverse shows I’ve ever watched, Sense8 is the perfect show to binge on Netflix during Diversity Month. A truly masterful show with excellent writing, inspiring character development, and beautiful cinematography, Sense8 follows eight characters scattered across the world who share a telepathic connection. The premise may be confusing at first, but becomes endlessly intriguing, and the fast pace of the show will keep you guessing all the way through.


      A lesser show might have the eight characters conveniently located in the same town or country, but not Sense8. Shot on location around the world, there are characters from South Korea, Iceland, Germany, Nairobi, India, Mexico, and the US. Rather than dismiss the cultural differences that these characters bring to the table, this show celebrates them, emphasizing how no matter where you’re from, what language you speak, what religion you practice, or what your sexual or gender identity is, there are experiences common to all humans. These strangers from all different parts of the world find that they can recognize the common emotions, struggles, and joys that bond them together.


      I truly cannot praise this show highly enough. From the beautiful panning shots to the soundtrack, Sense8 is exceptionally well-crafted. The characters are compelling and well-written, and showcase not only racial diversity, but also religious diversity and LGBT+ characters. This show is one of the first I’ve seen to depict trans-lesbian and gay characters in a way that balances the importance of their identity to their life without reducing them to their label. Each character has strengths and flaws, and it is truly a joy to follow them throughout this story.


      Unfortunately, Sense8 was recently cancelled (an injustice I am still not over). I understand how this might turn people off a prematurely ended show, but I can assure you that the first two seasons are incredible and well-worth falling in love with the characters for whatever limited time you have. Fair warning: This is a Netflix original, which means that in addition to each episode being about an hour long, there are also fewer restrictions on content. There is sexual content, as well as very occasional graphic violence if I remember correctly. However, these are easily skipped without any impact on the plot.


      In short, Sense8 ranks among the best overall shows I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend it, and I hope you all give it a chance!


      Have you watched any other shows which celebrate diversity? Leave them in the comments below!


Thank you to Prodigy for writing & designing this blog post for our feature month :)

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