Winners of the Historical Fiction Competition

The Winners of our Historical Fiction Competition!

We've read your wondrously historic stories, now we want to tell you about the winners...



This writing competition was all about history - historical fiction, that is. And while this isn't based solely in the realm of reality, it is based on the amazing and interesting historic periods within the world's history - and what an adventure it is to explore the farthest reaches of this genre. There were so many different eras covered in this competition that it's even difficult to begin now, but we do have some winners for you, a couple other honorable mentions, and enough creativity and imagination to make even the most black-and-white periods of history come alive ;) Many of you wrote stories from your favorite time in history and this amount of interest and forethought really shone through in the entries of this competitionChoosing the winners is never an easy task for our judges, but it's even harder when there are so many of them worth talking about!


Winners are receiving Amazon books and giftcards. We hope you all enjoyed this writing competition on Movellas - thank you to those who took part with their thrilling stories.



Best Historical Fiction

Dancing Azaleas by Ireumeun.Chloe




Runner Up

The Great Storm of 1774 by FelixWrites




Best Cover

The Lies of Mansion Mawthorne designed by Prodigy 

from SnowPotato_'s Story




Below are two worthy mentions from this competition well worth the few minutes of reading it takes to get in to the plot, stories that'll make you want to know and read more, just to see where the plots are going...


To Live Or To Die by Jacie XP



Honnō-ji by Tailyst





The winners will be contacted by email.

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