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- My Paranormal Experience -

Experiences like these don't usually happen, but I want to start doing story time blogs about wacky and wonderful things that have happened in my life! So here's one of the weird ones... hope you enjoy reading!

Back when I was around 9 years old, I strongly believed in ghosts and all that sort, I still do, however I don't get the experiences anymore. But when I was young, there was a few small times I experienced something paranormal. 

My Grandmother sadly passed away when I was young, (I was 7) and soon after me and my family went to visit her old house to pick up some old jewellery she left us. I picked a necklace, that I thought was beautiful and I knew my Grandma wore it a lot. The only thing was the necklace was completely tangled up within other jewellery, and I couldn't get it out. Everybody in my family tried but it wouldn't come out of its huge tangle. So, we left it. My elder sister came in, went to the jewellery box and picked out the first necklace she found. I heard her say, "I love this one! It's so pretty!", we all turned to her and my Mum looked at us. She said "that's the necklace none of us could untangle. That's the necklace you wanted." 

Some how, the necklace that was so utterly jammed had suddenly been untagled. It seemed unreal, we were all so confused as we all thought that the necklace was never coming back. It was strange. It felt as though it was a sign from my Grandmother, so we could have the necklace. It sounds very coincidental but it felt strange, we all felt a presence. 

This leads me to some time after in which the most vivid and real experience occured, I'll never forget it. I was sat in my living room on the family computer, which faced the wall. The door was directly to the left of the computer desk and my Dad would often come through there from the kitchen to see the TV. One day, when I was sat there and my Dad was in the kitchen cooking, I suddenly felt a freezing cold hand on my right shoulder. It stayed there, until I turned around to look to my left, as I thought my Dad had come in and put his hand on my shoulder. However, he was in the kitchen cooking and nobody else was there. I called my Dad in to ask if he did it and he said he'd been in the kitchen the whole time. I will never forget that cold touch right on my shoulder. It was so freezing and gentle. 


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