How to Achieve a Pretty Layout

by , Friday May 19, 2017
How to Achieve a Pretty Layout

How to Achieve a Pretty Layout

Learn from some of our best tips



The layout of a story is very important. In thinking about your readers, remember that the layout is the first thing they will be looking at. If the opening text doesn't grab their attention in some way, readers will often leave the story for that simple reason. However, if the layout is "pretty," it will attract more readers naturally. In this short guide we'll show you how to achieve a pretty layout that will hopefully help you gain readers. It's very easy to do, and the result can make a  big difference.


This is just a guide, so if you don't agree with some of this stuff it's okay not to follow it, you won't hurt our feelings ;) And this guide only contains ideas for long stories, not poems.


Enter, enter, enter

The most important advice to start off with is to put line breaks throughout your text. Otherwise it will look busy, rushed, and unproffesional. Have line breaks with every new paragraph and between lines of dialogue.


Adjust the text

You probably all know these four buttoms. For the prettiest look, choose the last one, it makes the margins straight on both the right and left side, giving your text a nice clean look.


All about the font

It's up to you which font you're using, but personally we think the fonts Times New Roman and Georgia appear more professional. Both fonts have serifs which are often used in longer texts.


The first words/letter

The chapter is more interesting if the beginning is a little different. We can recommend the two following designs. One has the first words in a different font. The other has only the first letter in a bigger font size, we normally use X-large.

The birds sang their morning song and woke her  or THE BIRDS SANG THEIR MORNING SONG and woke her

The birds sang their morning song and woke her


Chapter Title

On Movellas, every chapter is automatically given a number, but it's not often that the first Movellas chapter is your story's first chapter. Therefore, we recommend to always put the number of the chapter in the box above the chapter itself. There's more ways to do it, but these are some of our favorite designs:

Chapter 1 // "Title" or Chapter 1: "Title" or Chapter 1 | "Title". Both the word chapter and " can be deleted from this example

① - "Title" or ① "Title". The bubble gives the number a different look. You can find them here.


Chapter titles on top

You don't need to do this, but it looks nice if there is some space from the top to the text, which you can do by writing the title of the chapters at the top. The design is up to you, but we recommend to choose another font and make it large or x-large so that it stands out.


Point of view

If you are writing from different point of views, we have a couple of tips how to tell your reader the POV is changing. In the chapter title box, you can put in the characters first letter in a bubble design. This is especially a good idea if the POV changes every chapter.

Ⓗ Chapter 1 | "Title" and Ⓞ Chapter 2 | "Title"Find the letters here.

Another idea is to write the POV in the chapter under the title. This option is good if the POV only changes a few times. We have set the name size to x-small and the title size to large.


[Character]s point of view

Another option is to make a banner. This has become really popular, and if you don't know how to do it yourself, you can always ask for them in any cover store.


Author's note

Our final bit of advice is about the author's note. It's hard to make this pretty, but a lot of people likes to make them. It's important to make the author's note a different design as the chapter, so everyone knows the chapter has ended. The first thing you can do is to use ***, +++ or similar signs to indicate the ending of a chapter. I will also recommend you to make the A/N x-small, cursive/Italics and another fonts than the chapter. 


In closing, happy writing, and good luck with your layouts!

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